Original Artisan Gold edible gold leaf transfer sheet
5cm Artisan Gold Leaf Transfer Sheet
Artisan Gold Leaf Transfer Sheets that you can handle from all sides
the perfect wedding cake - Original Artisan Gold's 5x5cm Gold Leaf Transfer Sheet
What other cake decorators are creating - by @rymondtn - wedding cake decorated in Original Artisan Gold transfer gold leaf sheets. Location: Melbourne, Australia
By @tans_treats. Seven Deadly Sins, Chocolate Cherry Tart - Original Artisan Gold - edible gold leaf sugar pearls and loose leaf transfer sheets

Original Artisan Gold

5cm Artisan Gold Leaf Transfer Sheet

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  • 5 x 5 cm gold leaf sheet
  • Tiny static electrical shocks are passed through our transfer sheet, and releases the gold as it is pressed onto another surface
  • Transfer gold leaf effortlessly and perfectly smooth
  • Transparent transfer film for maximum visibility
  • Freely control transfer sheet with space on all sides
  • Touch in spots to transfer as flakes
  • 94% gold (edible 23K Gold): more easier to handle than 24K which can curl / shrink
  • Certified international Food Safe ISO 22000:2005 & HACCP
  • Handmade in Japan


For fondant cake:

We recommend if the surface of cake is too dry, please lightly wet the desired area  with a brush or damp paper towel before application for achieving the best results. (Note: Do not oversaturate the surface, otherwise the gold leaf will not be able to transfer properly.) Simply use your finger to apply light pressure to the back of the transfer sheet and wait for a moment to make sure the gold leaf has completely transferred.

For butter cream cakes:

We recommend applying the transfer sheet just after the cake is taken out of a fridge, so the surface of the cake should be nice and firm and not too soft / moist. (Note: It is better to use our other loose leaf sheets for soft / moist surfaces e.g. ice cream).


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