Champagne Gold Leaf Arazan Sugar Pearls

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Champagne Gold Leaf Arazan Sugar Pearls

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  • Champagne gold leaf pearls
  • No fading colour
  • Brightest and best shining cachous made from Artisan Champagne Gold Leaf
  • Curated blend of 2mm, 3mm & 5mm pearls
  • 2.5g contains 150 pearls inside
  • Suitable for all kinds of baking, desserts, drinks
  • Genuine edible champagne gold leaf
  • Certified international Food Safe ISO 22000:2005 & HACCP
  • No.1 global leader in hand-making the best edible gold & silver leaf
  • Made in Japan, gold/silver leaf sustainably source in Australia

We don't create cachous that look like pearls – these are silver leaf pearls!

      Product description
      Ingredients Gold, Silver, (Arazan) Premium White Sugar, Cornstarch, Natural Plant-Based Shellac

      2.5g / 150 pearls

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