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To ensure you have the most beautiful gold & silver leaf possible.


Original Artisan Gold

Original Artisan Gold product range all benefit from our highly developed manufacturing processes.

We carefully hand-make our own soft fibre Japanese milling paper, which is inserted between each layer of gold / silver nugget as it is beaten flat and takes form as gold / silver leaf. As such the quality of paper affects the texture and shine of the gold /silver leaf as it rubs during this process.

The result is to achieve the best brilliance, emittance, and volume. Light is reflected from grain to grain and forms a golden / silvery blaze.

Our gold leaf is made from 94% gold, champagne gold leaf made from 60% gold : 40% silver ratio, and silver leaf made from 100% silver.

In comparison, gold & silver leaf that is beaten too rough creates a result that is a dull matte leaf and a loss of brilliance. 

Regular leaf comparison


At Original Artisan Gold, we're always asking ourselves the question:
"How do we make things easier for the busy chefs and push the artistry forward?"...

2.1. Artisan Flakes
Ready-made luxurious bits of leaf –– just apply. Comes packaged with free non-stick Artisan Bamboo Tweezers. Reducing the application process down to just a simple 1-STEP "pick-and-place" process.

2.2. Artisan Loose Leaf Sheets
Just right thickness leaf to lift out and apply perfectly smooth. Sealed in our own soft fibre Japanese milling paper – non-stick surface. Individually packaged 1x sheets are also avaialble: open up one sheet at a time as per needed basis without needing to worry about damaging other sheets.

2.3. Artisan Powder 
Achieving fluffy snow powder on your creation. The easiest way to apply them in the convenient shaker–just one shake. 

2.4. Artisan Transfer Sheets
Gold leaf on transparent film for maximum visibility. Perfecting the application, transfer gold leaf to make a perfectly smooth gold leaf cake or desired spots to form flakes.

2.5. Artisan Sugar Pearls
Sugar cachous wrapped in real gold or silver leaf. Achieving a luxurious jewellery effect on your creations. 

2.6. Artisan Stardust
The finest Gold leaf powder made and also suitable for drinking. Appears to magically stay floating forever once stirred.


"Brighter [gold leaf], I find it easier to apply on cakes, less wastage because of the individual [loose] leaf packaging"

–– @RYMONDTN / Raymond Tan

"Love that the [transfer] sheets are transparent and you can pick them from all sides!"

–– @SWEETBAKES_ / Alisha Henderson

"I just love the little [flake] boxes of leaf pieces and the bamboo [tweezers] are my favourite! Trying to tear bits off sheet is too inconsistent and has too much waste so this fixes that issue! Also [I] find the sheets are a bit thicker...which allows them to transfer onto buttercream without indents!"

–– @T_AND_CAKE_ / Treska, T&Cake

"Such a gorgeous product. I've had the opportunity to use a few different products now, the quality is incomparable to anything on the market."

–– @SUGARBOMBCAKE / Nicky, Sugar Bomb Cakes



Made –– Japan. Produced in-house. Respecting the rich culture which originated here in 1568.
Mines –– Australia.

Certified food safety –– Complying to strict international food requirements. ISO9001, ISO9001, ISO22000. SGS & UKAS Management Systems 005.

Original Artisan Gold - food safe edible gold and silver leaf


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