The Edible Artisan Leaf Difference by Original Artisan Gold

At Original Artisan Gold, we're always asking ourselves the question:

"How do we make things easier for the busy chefs?"

One of the best answers to that is our Artisan Flakes. The Artisan Flakes enabled bakers to create a consistent look from curated pieces of pre-cut flakes, made from the Artisan Loose Leaf Sheets. Reducing the application process down to just a simple 1-STEP "pick-and-place" process. Available in Gold Leaf, Champagne Gold Leaf, Silver Leaf.

The Artisan Deluxe Loose Leaf Sheets available in a 1x pack is a big hit with Home Bakers & Commercial Bakers alike. Here's a few great reasons why:

  1. It's easier to conserve, open up one sheet at a time as per needed
  2. Individually packaged means bakers won't need to worry about damaging other sheets inside a booklet when taking sheets out
  3. Price effective, many home bakers prefer ordering between 2~5x sheets

A 'must-have' and perhaps our greatest achievement yet has been the Artisan Powder. Gorgeous pieces of gold, champagne gold and silver leaf sparkling atop of desserts and sweets like fluffy powder snow. Dispersed from an easy dispenser, bakers are enjoying freedom to create in new ways and more importantly the freedom to time-effectively decorate desserts with a touch of gold in just one shake. 

Original Artisan Gold values the highest customer confidence and you’ll love using our edible Gold, Champagne Gold and Silver Leaf products every time.
The reasons why we can say that:

Reason 1


Made possible during the processing process. We carefully hand-make our own Japanese milling paper, which is inserted between each layer of gold / silver nugget as it is beaten flat and takes form as gold / silver leaf. As such the quality of paper affects the texture and shine of the gold /silver leaf as it rubs during this process

Reason 2


We’ve taken away the stress and fear of using Gold, Champagne Gold and Silver Leaf  –  yes, that means no more crumpling and clumping easily like it normally would. That’s all big deal to chefs who don't want to filter through unusable and wasted ingredients. 

Reason 3


All Original Artisan Gold products are certified food safe and used all around the world. Original Artisan Gold guarantees an Artisan Leaf free from impurities.
Certificates include: ISO 22000:2005 & HACCP.

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