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Japan number 1 gold leaf brandEstablished in 1975 and located in Kanazawa Japan, (known as 箔一 in Japan) Original Artisan Gold quickly became Japan's leading brand providing food safe gold made for eating. Since then we have gone on to develop new varieties types such as the 5mm Gold Leaf Powder, Stardust, 20mm Flakes, Artisan Transfer Sheets, Arazan Gold Leaf Sugar Pearls. In 2017 was established as the official International branch and distribution channel, delivering you the best gold leaf products now outside of Japan. We're now quickly becoming the #1 favourite for bakers, pastry chefs, chocolatiers across the world in new emerging markets including Australia, United States, Asia, Middle East, UK and Europe. 


Food safe natural and certified edible gold. Since October 2007 we became the world's first and only edible gold producer ever to be awarded with the highest food rating, and received internationally recognised ISO22000:2005 & HACCP certification. This is only awarded to specially sterilised food manufacturing facilities and processes, and producers with less than 1 percent manufacturing defects. Original Artisan Gold is proud to deliver world class edible gold.

No artificial gold and colour    Edible Gold Leaf Made In Japan    SGS ISO 22000 food safety certification    UKAS food safety management systems certification    SGS ISO 22000 food safety certification    SGS ISO 22000 food safety certification

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Culinary use of edible gold first originated in Kanazawa Japan, by artisans famous their samurai craftsmanship. Edible gold was originally used in traditional Japanese green tea before becoming widespread to desserts and liquor.  Original Artisan Gold continues this tradition today in Kanazawa Japan, crafting the world's most famous edible gold by two master artisans whose training took 10 years to develop in this rare skill. Original Artisan Gold's expertise and flexible manufacturing system includes the initial gold smelting, to creating the gold leaf, and then final product. 

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ABN 14 592 651 794
International Office Brisbane, QLD, Australia
Tokyo Office Suginami, Tokyo, Japan
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